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Welcome to my website. My name is Daniele Lami and I am a licensed, English speaking psychologist and psychotherapist
, registered (n° 13715 of the Lazio Albo degli Psicologi) to practice psychotherapy in Rome.

I have multiple years experience working with
adolescents and adults. I do work with couples as well.

I have extensive professional experience related to
LGBT and asylum-seeking issues. As a school psychologist I conducted hundreds of counseling sessions, working with adolescents, parents and teachers. I have conducted workshops with parents and teachers, related to themes such as new theories in neonatal development, bullying, parenting and teaching.

In my view
relationships are the most important element in the process of understanding the nature of our anxiety, bad moods, low self-esteem, and so on. My clinical goal is to have a comprehensive approach that can empower the patient, letting him or her know “where” he or she is. Once obtained this first goal, the patient would finally have the chance to feel as a whole, made of parts, each one connected to the others with the whole person connected to others in a significant way.


This is achievable by eliminating or at least reducing discomforts sometimes hard to bear and realize. Highlighting the vicious circles, often very well organized and that can provide a sort of mental balance, somehow familiar and "comfortable”, is an other part of the work.
A good relationship with the psychologist is needed for the success of this endeavor, and this would a third goal, crucial, especially in the initial part of the therapy work.


Two different solutions are available, depending on your location in Rome:

Roma Nord, viale delle Medaglie D’Oro 50, metro A Cipro.

Roma Sud, viale Pasteur 48, Eur, metro B EUR Palasport, studio di psicoterapia Associato Bakacs. (

Please fell free to explore the website and to ask for a consultation.

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